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I just want you to know that Dylan and I have enjoyed doing business with you over these past 3-years and we plan to continue to do business with you for years to come. You have been a BLESSING for us just getting to know you and being as flexible as you have been with us; not to mention the success we’ve had showing your cattle. Dylan showed cattle for 4-years and NEVER won a belt buckle before we met you in 2012 and began showing Black Herefords. To date, Dylan has won 5-belt buckles, a British Grand Champion Banner and many First Place ribbons showing Black Herefords!  We’ve had success with this breed, we know how to pick winners and we want to work with you for years to come to help continue to improve and promote this outstanding breed of cattle. We believe in these animals as much as you do, and if we can continue to have success in the show ring with them, you will continue to grow your business, improve your herd and promote this breed. Dylan is already talking about helping another kid get started in showing Black Herefords after he graduates High School so that he can help keep it going strong.

We are looking forward to The Black Hereford Show in March!

Until then, Take Care Bobby.
Jason & Dylan Harris
Brazoria, TX

Selecting a Champion by Dylan Harris…


Here’s the proof!!! These are some pics of what your bulls are producing on some crossbred cows. These are all F-1 Charbray cows I raised, with the exception of 2 F-1 Brangus mommas mixed in. Just what I expected in regard to color scheme. I’ve got about half black mottle and half grey mottle, with a couple odd balls mixed in. Remember, I ran both bulls together (1 homozygous and 1 heterozygous). I think this explains the red calf in the picture. As you can see, these are some excellent milking cows that should wean some “heavy weights” next summer. I was about 80% calved in the first month of calving, which is a testament to the health of these cattle and, more importantly to you, the vigor with which the bulls covered these cows.

I didn’t send any pics of the black baldy offspring, as you are familiar as to what the resulting calf will look like, but I’m very pleased with those as well. The only calving problems I have experienced, so far, was from this cross. I had to intervene, as one of the baldy heifers was taking too long. It lived and I’m glad I stepped in. A lot of the calves were from first calf heifers this year and had no problems, as these were tiny calves with large framed mommas.

Still trying to send business your way and many folks have inquired as to what kind of bulls I’m “running.” As these calves develop, I think there will be more and more inquiries as to where I got the bulls. Hope this feedback is beneficial to you and your business and I would be happy to send more pictures as these calves grow. As you can tell, I’m very pleased with my calves at this point. To me as a small time commercial guy my best pleasure will come at sale time when they step on the scales. I’m confident this cross will have the weight and color pattern that the buyers are seeking. Thanks.

Cory Easley