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Black Hereford Breed

The Black Hereford name originated in the British Isles where a Black Hereford is an offspring resulting from the pairing of a Holstein-Friesian cow and a Hereford bull.  In Europe, the term, Black Hereford describes a hybrid animal, not a breed.

In America, breeders have taken the offspring of Angus and Hereford cattle and created a registered breed that are called Black Herefords.

The US Patent and Trademark Office made the term “Black Hereford” a registered trademark in 2002. In 2003, the National Association of Animal Breeders granted an international breed designation to the Black Hereford cattle line.  During 2005, the Black Hereford Beef product line was created. The meat is of superior quality and has an extremely low concentration of fat.

The Beginning of the US Black Hereford Line:

A Black Hereford association was founded in 1994 by John Gage. Three years later the first Black Hereford cattle were registered.

In 2000, the association installed a customized breed software that tracks herd and breed wide performance data as well as carcass information.  It can generate purebred and composite pedigrees and can project EPDs and record EPD values.

In 2002, Black Hereford became a registered trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

In 2003, Black Herefords received international breed designation by the National Association of Animal breeders.

In 2005, the breed developed its own EPDs as a separate beef breed.

The World Black Hereford Association was founded in the summer of 2014.  Today it is the fastest growing breed of cattle in the United States. WBHA  registers Black Herefords, and  50% Hereford and 50% Angus with known parentage. WBHA maintains records and determines EPDs.

The meat quality of Black Hereford beef cattle is superb.  Many cattle ranchers choose this breed specifically for this factor alone.  But, display a number of exceptional qualities.

Black Herefords withstand weather conditions with ease, and ranchers have used these type cattle for many years.