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Black Hereford Traits

The American Black Hereford is bred for a number of outstanding attributes. First and possibly most important among these is fertility. In establishing the breed, bulls were even chosen for registration based upon the size of their testicles. Creating and refining a new cattle breed requires early and consistent generational progress. Heifers need to produce a calf at a young age, deliver that calf easily without complications. The Black Hereford does this very well.

Black Hereford heifers have wide pelvic bones that assure easy delivery. Calves are born small and grow quickly. The Black Hereford’s natural ability to efficiently turn their food into weight gain assures heavy yearling weight.

The breed is tracked and measured for the following weight EPD’s:

Birth Weight
Weaning Weight
Yearling Weight
Yearling Scrotal Circumference
Maternal Milk
Total Milk (M + G)

Weight analyses are done every December for Black Herefords.

Reproductive Traits:
Heifer Pregnancy Rate
Maternal Calving Ease
Stayability (longevity)

Carcass Composition Traits:
Ribeye Area
Fat Thickness
Yield Grade

Growth Traits:
Average Daily Gain
Residual Feed Intake
(feed efficiency)

Carcass Quality Traits:
Marbling Score
Percent Choice (Quality grade)

Convenience Traits:
Coat Color (Homozygous/Heterozygous)

Heifer Pregnancy Rate:
Heifer’s chance of becoming pregnant over a normal breeding season

Maternal Calving Ease:
Percentage of unassisted births

Chance a heifer will remain in the herd until at least six years old

Average Daily Gain:
Genetic potential for rate of gain, for both pre and post weaning

Feed Efficiency:
Animal’s feed intake above or below its predicted needs for maintenance and growth

Carcass Composition:
Ribeye Area
Backfat Thickness
Yield Grade

Carcass Quality:
Marbling and Quality Grade

Convenience Traits:
Coat Color