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hosted cattleman from Argentina

Triple L Ranch & the WBHA hosted cattleman from Argentina on August 21st! What a fun day of exchanging information about black Hereford cattle!

hosted cattleman from Argentina
hosted cattleman from Argentina
hosted cattleman from Argentina
hosted cattleman from Argentina

New calves are on the ground. This one is sired by our new Stuber bull.


Hello to all from Texas.

THE BLACK HEREFORD SALE in Texas was a huge success THANKS to you. Just when you think it can’t get any better…IT DOES!
The sale was the Best Black Hereford sale ever held !
Our cattle brought record breaking prices for the Black Hereford Breed. Open heifers, bred heifers,3 in one pairs, and Bulls all sold extremely well!
And YES we are already making plans for next year.

Recap of our exciting weekend:
Friday morning started off with the WBHA National Show. We were fortunate to have AHA Board Member Terri Barber,  judge our show. She has accepted our invitation to judge our show next year also.
After a great morning of our youth showing cattle, and having the cattle placed in their appropriate places, the afternoon was spent visiting and talking cattle.
The evening started with a meal of Hereford beef, provided by Certified Hereford Beef association, and sponsored by Texas Farm Credit.
Trey, of CHB is doing a good job promoting Hereford Beef. We were proud to have him with us.
The Texas South Western Cattle Raisers Association sponsored a ranch gathering.
WOW, what a well-attended event. There were more than 500 cattle raisers, from all parts of the U.S., Friday evening.
Many ranchers had a chance to see for themselves BLACK HEREFORDS have much to offer cattle raisers.

Saturday morning started off visiting  with our old and new friends and ended serving lunch to over 400, provided by 3W ranch supply.
As always Joe and Cindy Yepez provided the nursery items for the facility to give it a down home feeling with a Texas welcome.
When the first Lot was led into the ring, world renown auctioneer Doak Lambert dropped his gavel and said sold!!! We knew we were in for the greatest sale ever in the Black Hereford breed.
When the last lot was sold,  our expectations were correct. Never before have Black Hereford cattle been sold for these record breaking prices.
When the sale was over farewells were said and everyone headed home.
This was the most exciting Black Hereford weekend ever held. All went home refreshed, and in good spirits, knowing our Black Hereford cattle have a fantastic future! Good people, good food, good cattle!
If you missed this year’s Black Hereford weekend, start planning now to attend next year’s Black Hereford event March 11th and 12th 2016.

Like I said in the beginning, just when you think it can’t get any better, IT WILL.

Until next time may God Bless, send rain when we need it, and keep cattle prices high!

P.S. If you are planning on attending the Cattle raisers convention March 27th  and 28th  in Ft. Worth, be sure and visit with me. I will be at the WBHA booth, Triple L booth, and our live Black Hereford display!

Bobby Lide, Triple L Ranch
Cell 254-625-3800
Ranch 254-739-5311

2014 Triple L Summer Review Magazine

C CJC ILR Regal 3174 ET

C R111 Ms Hereford 2088 ET-FtWorth   C R111 Ms Hereford 2088 ET-Reno
C R111 Ms Hereford 2088 ET
Reserve Grand Champion Polled Hereford Heifer at the 2013 Ft. Worth Stock Show and Reserve Junior Heifer Calf Champion at the 2012 Western Nugget National, Reno, NV!
Owned with Iron Lake Ranch.

churchill_1251y churchill_ilr_domino_1251y

Churchill ILR Domino 1251Y ET
A new Hereford herd sire that was approved and accepted by the WBHA.
Owned by Jared Lide.