Black Herefords are a hybrid breed developed by crossing Hereford and Angus cattle, having 62.5% registered  Hereford blood, black in color, and sired by a registered Hereford bull.

Most have the markings of Hereford but are black in color and have the same docility.

A Black Hereford Association begin in 1994 and registered their first cattle in 1997.

In 2003 Black Herefords received international breed designation from the National Association of Animal breeders, and  2005 EPDs were established for Black Herefords as a separate breed.

Triple L Ranch

Jared and Bobby Lide are producing excellent Black Hereford cattle. We are America’s premier Black Hereford Breeder. We believe in the breed and admire Black Herefords basic qualities. We purchased powerful bulls and great females searching for and finding great genetics, and bred for the best attributes available. By using the best Angus and Hereford genetics to be found throughout the U.S. we are producing, top quality Black Herefords. We  positioned Black Hereford cattle to be the best marketable beef cattle breed in America.



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Triple L Ranch started showing Black Hereford cattle in 2010.
We selected 5 heifers and 5 hardworking kids to hauls our cattle to small shows in the area and ended up in Houston.

2014 Miami International Cattle Show, April 11

Triple L Louise Z102 was crowned Grand Champion at the 2014 Miami International Cattle Show, April 11.

Triple L Louise Z102 was crowned Grand Champion at the 2014 Miami International Cattle Show, April 11.

Triple L Thelma Z207 brought home the Reserve Grand Champion at the 2014 Miami International Cattle Show, April 11.

Triple L Thelma Z207 brought home the Reserve Grand Champion at the 2014 Miami International Cattle Show, April 11.

2014 we had several show heifers and a few bulls that made a statement in the ring.

We had Grand champions, Reserve champions, in many county fairs and major shows throughout the south, and  DILLON HARRIS came close to winning overall Grand Champion in Brazoria county Texas which is one of the biggest shows in Texas.

2014 was an exciting year for Black Hereford show cattle. Triple L Ranch hosted the first ever Black Hereford show, with cattle from across the U.S.

March 13th 2015 will be the second black Hereford show in Waxahachie, Texas. It will be the WBHA NATIONAL BLACK HEREFORD Show.

Everyone is invited to show the kind of cattle you raise on your ranch. This is the best advertising available.


Think what this breeding can do for you
Grand Champion Heifer flushed to Grand Champion Bull!
Embryos for sale in the fall.

The Black Hereford Show - Grand Champion Female. Owned by Triple L Ranch.

The Black Hereford Show – Grand Champion Female. Owned by Triple L Ranch.


The Black Hereford Show - Grand Champion Bull: RRF Premier 3901

The Black Hereford Show – Grand Champion Bull: RRF Premier 3901. Owned by Rose Ridge Farms.


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Bulls and heifers for sale year round.

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Triple L Ranch is experiencing the results of buying top quality cattle and breeding to powerful bulls. The breeding program we use is working! We produce offspring that works throughout the U.S. North, South, East and West.  We produce the best by breeding the best!

By partnering with Hereford breeder, Iron Lake Ranch, and Angus breeders, our Black Herefords work with any breed.

Triple L Ranch used knowledge from our Hereford and Angus friends and added it to our breeding program. These ranchers realized a long time ago that the Black Baldy is one of the best type cattle anywhere. Taking the Black Baldy, 50% Hereford 50% Angus, one step further, crossing it back to a Hereford, producing Black Herefords, is proven to be even better.

Here at Triple L Ranch our goal each year is to produce better Black Herefords. We not only set goals each year,  but we strive to meet the goals we set.

A few months ago we started using the phrase New Beginnings. This phrase is meant to tell you Triple L Ranch built Genetics that do not go back to Felton and Gauge genetics. We realized that someone had to make genetics that were not connected to other cattle families. And we knew we needed cattle with Big Rear Ends! We succeeded.

Using Genetics from well-known Angus and Hereford families we have produced a total out cross. These New Beginnings will help breeders expand the genetics in their cow herds and produce better Black Herefords.

Along with these New Beginnings a Black Hereford association called the WORLD BLACK HEREFORD ASSOCIATION was started.

We now have an association that is paperless. Our goal is to make registering and transferring cattle easy and be able to do it from your computer. No phone calls, No waiting on the U.S. Postal service, and no mailing checks to pay for services. Everything to do with Registered Cattle is at your fingertips, simple and easy to use. With this being said, we have an office manager available and she will be happy to answer your calls and help you with any questions you may have. Google World Black Hereford Association for more information. Or call 830-391-WBHA(9242). We are excited about this new association that allows you to register your first cross, 50% Hereford 50% Angus cattle with known parentage.

Black Herefords provide all the traits that breeders and consumers need; quality of meat, low birth weight (easy birthing), high weaning weight, strong, wide meaty bodies and legs, top Igenity profile stats, mild temperament, and consistent breeding results. And in addition, their black hides satisfy the current market color trend for top selling animals.

Triple L Ranch is breeding the best and supporting the breed through semen and embryo sales to other breeders. We now have sexed semen on Curve Bender 8616, and offer semen on all of our bulls. Our embryos are from either Homozygous bulls or cows so any offspring from our embryos will be black.

Thank you for your interest in Black Hereford cattle.

Black Herefords

Ranches in Texas tend to involve the whole family. It takes work and dedication to build and maintain a ranch. The land provides, but it also demands work, dedication, and a certain kind of love of the land. Triple L Ranch owners, Bobby and Jared Lide started the ranch as a family enterprise. They are building the family’s heritage. They take pride in their ranch and are determined to make Triple L Black Hereford Ranch a premier source of Black Hereford breeding stock.